Monday, 7 February 2011

Going Global - Home Decoration

With international travel so accessible now, lots of global elements are finding their way into our homes. My home is influenced by stylish Scandinavia but, funnily enough, I've never been there. Here are a few different global home decoration styles.

Turning Japanese

The simplicity and serenity of Japanese style makes it an ideal backdrop for busy lives. Wooden or tile floors are a great place to start, while plain white painted walls provide a perfect canvas for delicate decorations. Paper is another big look in Japan and, or of course, your home will really look the part with the addition of orchid plants of the real, or even the silk, variety.

C'est la Vie

French provincial style is easy to achieve and appeals to everybody as it provides a chance to mix and match colours and patterns in a relaxed way. In the kitchen, think rustic, with lots of terracotta pots, woven baskets, hanging garlic bulbs and those ubiquitous French motifs of the rooster and the fleur-de-lis. Furniture should be simple and countrified with rush seating on chairs and chicken wire netting doors on cupboards.

Out of Africa

Rich, earthy colours are the key to a successful African look and textures such as wood, bamboo, raffia and metallics add further interest. New Zealanders are big fans of African style and this theme comes through most seasons in our home wares stores, where you can find various animal print accessories. From cushions and quilt covers to trays and photo frames, zebra and leopard prints are also essential ingredients for your stylish home grown Savannah.

For more home decorating tips and how to use things like cream curtains to change the look of a room, come and visit my website. There are many different ways you can redecorate your home, they don't have to be expensive, it can be a simple thing like changing your curtain rod or adding a finial.

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Sunday, 6 February 2011

Types Of Wall Art For Bathroom Decoration

Bathroom is a very important room in every home. It is unthinkable to have a home without a bathroom. This is because of the fact that we make use of the bathroom on a daily basis. Nowadays, bathroom is no longer seen as place where you bath quickly and come out. Many people do take some moment of relaxation in their bathroom while they are showering.

This is why bathrooms are highly decorated nowadays. Besides, a well decorated bathroom can increase your confidence and respect among your visitor.

There is nobody who does not appreciate a well decorated bathroom. Today bathrooms are decorated with different types of wall art such as European tapestries, metal art and glass arts works and others. The following are the type of wall arts decoration that can be seen in modern bathrooms.

Frames of Canvas Painting and Prints

Frames of canvas painting and prints are the commonest means of decorating wall today. Many families are using frames art works to decorate the walls of their homes. This practice has been given a new dimension today. Frame art works can be used for bathroom decoration. The advantages of using this type of art work for bathroom wall decoration is that it is flexible. You can remove it and replace it at will.

Bathroom Wallpaper

These come in different designs and styles. There are wallpapers specially designed for bathroom to give special art impression. If you are the type that appreciates historic scenery, you will get bathroom wallpaper designed to present historic scenery to you.

The advantages of decorating your bathroom with this type of wall art is that bathroom wallpapers can resist water. They do not easily damage. Given the above, wallpaper can help also to protect your bathroom from damp and fungi attack. It also gives it a fabulous look.

Glass and Metal Bathroom Wall Art Decoration

Decorating your bathroom wall with metal and glass art works is the best way to bring out the beauty of your bathroom. These types of arts works are normally expensive. But they give fantastic look to your bathroom. Their durability is also appreciable.

Wall Lettering for Bathroom Wall Decoration

This is a type of wall art where some memorable and wise sayings are artistically written on the wall of bathrooms. Most children and teenagers always admire this type of bathroom wall decoration especially when inscription is in line with their ideas.

Wall Painting

This is another type of art that you can use to beautify your bathroom. It is the best option for people who may not have enough money for more expensive type of bathroom wall decoration like metal and glass arts for bathroom wall decoration European tapestries. The advantage of wall painting is that you can decide on how you want the wall painting to be. If you want the painting to cover the entire wall, it is choice to make.

3 Great Decoration Ideas to Boost Your Establishment

If you want to boost the sale of your business this year, you need to come up with newer ideas that will make your establishment unique from other competitors. You need a little innovation to attract people inside your establishment. One way to do is by redecorating your whole establishment without the need to spend a lot of money. Maybe you are wondering how come you can redecorate your whole establishment without spending much.

The answer is by using wall sticker hat can chance the entire appearance of your establishment. You need to come up with the idea that you can invite people of all ages and in all walks of life inside your establishment. With the use of wall stickers you can create different corners according to age. By doing this, you can cater to all people of all ages starting from kids to senior citizens. The idea is to put individual corners according to age of people by just using different design, colors, shapes and size of wall stickers.

1. Corner for kids- there are wall stickers that are especially created for kids. These stickers are designed in such a way that it can attract the attention of children. It is good to choose wall stickers for your kid's corner with a theme of animals, fairy world, and other cartoon characters that kids love and adore. If you have a coffee shop, having a corner for kids is a great plus factor, especially for parents with younger kids. Parents can enjoy their cup of tea without their children disturbing them. This is a great idea for every food establishment.

2. Corner for teenagers- teenagers nowadays are attracted to places that can give them freedom. You can give what they want by using wall stickers that can express their personality. You can use stickers with a sporty theme, tribal, music, love, cars and fun. These are the things that most teenagers love today. If you know exactly what these teens wants, you will surely be a sure hit. Your establishment will be a favorite hangout right after school.

3. Corner for senior citizens and parents- this corner should be very relaxing. As you all know older people nowadays are very stress because of their work. If you want a relaxing place for them, you need wall sticker with a theme if nature. The color of the stickers also plays a vital role to make the corner very relaxing for them. You can choose colors like green, brown, blue and many more that is very relaxing to the eye.

These corners can be put in just one establishment especially if you have a very spacious place. You can use all the corners and space for the advantage of your business. Refreshing your decoration or spice it up with stickers here and there might be the easiest, fastest and cheapest solution to improve your decoration and attract new customers.

Tuesday, 7 September 2010

Home decorating tips

House interior light color is playing with paint, painted, if the house lighting in the value kazanır.Dekorasyona first one color or one style, giving başlamalısınız.Bu home decoration sine qua are all decorated etkileyecektir.Bu therefore Style and color best suits should be selected. Just as we have noted a bright decorations do not want pastels and dark tones you prefer good for you, it will tons of people listened makes and psychologically people to relax sağlarEv decoration, and people's house with my own eyes the pleasure of others point of view of household and similar some equipment together harmonizing the best image to ensure efficiency.

According to certain rules of home decoration yürütülmelidir.Göz enjoy everything should be kept in the forefront and people directly affected his toys, etc. gerekmektedir.Eşyalar. materials süslenmelidir.Bu such designs in wood very big role oynamaktadır.Eğer peaceful decoration if you want necessarily, but certainly decorations on your wood kullanmalısınız.Yapay wood we yield Can we ask to be our friends if it is their sormalıdırlar.Yapay name implies, as artificial and not natural is . If you own your blood If you can artificial wood may be preferred. Image issue would be if a lot of pictures always home suffocates and people as psychologically disturbed eder.Resimler only afford little impact in places have to be the number and less olmalıdır. Bu way of the pictures decorating the way have learned.Your orange paint your house if you ask acıktırabilir.Neden orange is the color of hunger in our restaurants around, and if you pay attention, etc. doner kebab. trades, most of the signs of orange kullanmaktadır.Ancak how you affect those you yourself have to ask a question. Dark remaining rooms to the ceiling or across the mirror set into the room reflection effects verebilirsiniz.Bu process at room designs canlandıracaktır.

Eğer live in your home an atmosphere of trying to give you the blue and blue shades of Use edilir.Ancak advice specific to your own by choosing colors from nature, a pattern will create it for your choice whether to apply yourself you should choose the most suitable color. As we explained in general an important point home decor color and style selection of colors and styles seçimidir.Siz finished with your designs and then slowly back already gösterecektir.Buda agreement will constitute your home decor.

Monday, 6 September 2010

Colour in Decoration & Accessories in Bellona Furniture

"World-renowned color and design Leatrice Eisman'a According trends, and it connected somehow changing colors already learned to due to fast one way change a accessory industry monitors should." Guess you'll that a vase to get seats or curtains to purchase easier. Your home or office because you have chosen accessories, through innovations Iraq does not and colors through the character exploration game play. The coming years, referring to color estimates on the meetings, color guru Eiseman "This period, following the colors in the foreground get to say such a freedom is not only designs take care not , from technology to economy, from fashion to art rather large one in the field much rather do research says. Color scientific expressions Scientific color studies done many associations operating in the Eiseman, Color-Word Association in the well, she has performed. In these associations by asking what it means to people of color, trying to get a team of data

Saturday, 12 June 2010

Advice About Special Subjects

Dear Rhonda:

I am trying to find a company that will decorate my home for a special romantic evening with my husband. I would like to create a theme such as Hawaii, Italy, or France..... maybe even something I have never thought of! I do not know of any companies that specialize in this type of service. Can you provide me with a little direction?

Thank you.

I think a good catering company or events planning company would be able to do this. A caterer is more than just food. They have to create the full effect in order for the meal to work. Call some of your better caterers in your area and ask them if they can assist you. If not, then try to work with an events planning company. They will coordinate everything for you. The directions, music, food, drinks. Its up to you and your husband to create the fun! Good luck and have a great time. I would ask that you tell us all about it but…. I think we will stay out of that one!


Dear Rhonda:

Where can I find wire suspension systems used in furniture stores as room dividers? I've seen them used with frosted glass as well as boards. I would like to use them in my home as a room divider.

Hmmm.... First I would begin with a furniture store by asking them. I would check with Ikea, they have some great contemporary pieces. Lastly, what about creating them yourself. Head down to your home store and pick up some materials. You can finish them however you like to work with your interior. And what a conversation piece you will have for dinner parties!


Dear Rhonda:

I saw a great painting which looked like a view from a beach hut and the frame looked like a window. I thought I could change my bathroom to look like a beach hut and hang it in there, so want to paint the walls to look like white tongue and groove boards. What paint should I use? By the way, I live in the UK so if you could tell me paint types rather than brand names. Thanks!

What a fun idea! I think it is imperative that at least one room in your home be complete whimsy. There are several things you can do here. You can actually use REAL clapboards on your walls. The other thing to do is faux finish the walls so they look like boards. Colors depend on what you want. There is a great book on faux finished entitled: The New Paint Magic by Jocasta Innes. I suggest you look at that for some ideas. Lastly, there is wallpaper by the brand Three Sisters that looks like tongue and groove boards. Very simply it can be hung to create the look you want! Hope that helps!


Friday, 4 June 2010

Decorative Glass Blocks

Occurred in a factory near Venice production Poesia, glass, handmade by craftsmen with a material produced. Produced with a variety of sizes and colors Poesia Glass Blocks, Berko architecture with a difference took place in Turkey market.

Has quite different uses of the product. Can be used indoors for decorative purposes. In addition to this kitchen, bathrooms, bars, restaurants, hotels, spas and outdoor special effects required to be given in front, with various patterns and geometry can be used in the composition of the designer has created.

Poesia transparent glass blocks are looking at all the time in the light of experience gained with a more visual effects were provided. LED lighting is specifically instructed to use.

Saturday, 29 May 2010

Regular places in the three-step

No matter how small your home, a well-thought-out layout, color and storing the three-step plan you can have a regular place.

To edit the fields of domestic

The most widely used areas of the house sofa, dinner table, bed and around the fireplace if any plans to do a better take care of this point, most practical way of regulation.

Establish symmetry

Your sofa between two shelves in the library, or to place any two regularly get a look in your convenience.

Prefer modular units

All items have a separate function is from a dual modular furniture prefer. of a drawer so that you can use a coffee table or in some way, somehow stand can evaluate your funds. We are the few things a lot easier to get regular first appearance.

Position your items wisely

Align the long edge of your bed to the wall as well as a sofa during the day he can. A separate seat or couch in your bedroom will not need to put in place due to a fresh look will be easier to obtain.

How can store your belongings?

Without sacrificing valuable space you have in you can store your belongings.

To evaluate the lower beds

Sheets, blankets, or you do not wear clothes in bed underneath the vacuum bag or dust-proof storage boxes can store.

Screen also has multiple functions

You do not want to appear from floor to ceiling racks up a curtain to hide the best way to attract them. From wall to wall, with curtains to hang from the ceiling to the floor where you can create airy.

Cabinet interiors

Cabinets and boxes around the unit's internal arrangements which can hide your belongings. Especially the big and little things can cause confusion. In this format because they have to find a solution in order to help provide.

Select colors

When you choose to decorate your home with colors compatible with each other, spacious and orderly atmosphere, you can catch one.

What are your colors?

Check out the favorite color of objects. Later this color you have selected your other furniture and accessories you can choose your main color in your tonlayacak.

You can paint your furniture

painted furniture in different materials (eg white) may provide a transition between articles, airy place one can look,

To add color

Order dominated by whites does not mean to say. To add color to the venue, but still want to avoid confusion you may prefer pastel shades.

Saturday, 22 May 2010

Tips for your Kitchen Decoration

Kitchens, our house is the hottest part. While decorating this place alone should not be overlooked that there are things. Here is a kitchen because of the great tips.

nice way to start a new day is through the kitchen. You actually have time for breakfast start the day is the key to a calm and cheerful. narrow, even if it is shared throughout the day of the program, first you look newspapers and news are from the first moment is like a breakfast interview.

If you get up early in the morning at sunrise with hot tea or coffee you can watch one.
switch quickly from one thing timelessness often snacks I've explained the importance of breakfast for health reasons I would not be right. My only attract this critical work in three dimensions we can describe their way. Most of us would have our breakfast in the kitchen.

In this respect need to be considered here, the decorations are the points. Dispersed into a kitchen, and the accumulated pile of dishes, counter top and see the dirt that we are aware of how boring this place later in the food preparation and eating of action is to collect benefits. Fulfilled your appetite, you can enjoy lunch because the kitchen must have a neat one.

Functional due to collect the final stage, all the habits you are special and should be designed appropriate to your location. Storage and storage facilities from scratch as much as possible to enhance the number, diversity and future of the tools increases the amount of which reduces the problem place.

Kitchen during food preparation equivalent to just one bee hive. Preparation of the work bench that relaxes long as possible.

This counter will not stain and will not be drawn must be selected from one material. If you only see in front of the kitchen is already on the market, if your old one if you have a bench, rather than merge with the wall certainly an "L" piece of insulation must be removed. The front bench of six built-in cabinets and the refrigerator covered in an equivalent manner in terms of visual integrity is good. When choosing the hood draws air is good, is more important than elegance.

Lighting your kitchen counter, you should identify the beginning. Especially in food preparation tool that works pretty much that, as much as possible over the counter also increases the number of outlets would be useful. Some of us watched TV in the kitchen because of the television is an object of protection built-in system I proposed.

Just nice to get an image of the kitchen lighting is due. equivalent time for the action in place of illumination, must also be functional. Kitchen, dining room area is separated from the party. Romantic dinner in a dim light because one liked, even if you can cut your hand while you cut the potato equivalent of light.

whether a functional range of lighting, according to your needs can be added to regional or spot lighting. Select the adjustable lamps, to work towards a solution in place is forwarding. If that does not appear to clarify the final stage of the counter top are required.

Due to our table decor tastes

Work weekdays, weekends, however, due to sports or other activities to grow quickly in the first two bite snacks from our habit to get past due to a nice meal with your family to prepare your home I suggest. On weekends to have breakfast outside and enjoy a different one, albeit entertaining, especially because of the children, the housing includes breakfast in the private one. This one is unable to share all the time.

To read recipes, looking forward to the outcome, such as the establishment of a panel. Moreover, if these guys take great pleasure to give a separate one! Dish also mention the chat. Most of all individuals in the family gathered at a desk, eating, and has also lost share in that interview. Yet through all of the individual's own business at the end of the day that I could find the best family unity is an tableware. Just like our friends met.

As the table grows to share the pleasure. Meals with family, friends become rich with. Muse for a long time, people prefer to eat in restaurants with. I understand that the official dinner with my friends I prefer my home. I do not have too much devotion to the daily meal, in addition to live because of the eat.

In this regard, but I rather be lucky, because my wife makes a very nice meal, but also by heavy French cuisine. Perhaps this respect comes easily to me, I like a lot of people to entertain my friends at my house. In addition to this very practical, so that Sarah's son, Jean-night deposit to be solved is the problem! Despite all my concentration, my guests at my house and taking aperatifinden entrees, desserts and prepared meals to dijestifle quite a bit like our own I think I'm beautiful.

Stretch of the imagination to

Somehow the traditional decoration of the dining room was dominated karşıyayıcı get that feeling and warmth. Burgundy color and sleek style, the warm orange and was considered in some way. Today it is convenient to all kinds of tableware can use a tablecloth. Flat or simple, elegant white, or cream with a processing bowl within the team that provides food to the fore, the appeal to the eye, a composition is beautiful.

Color covers and contemporary styles, especially in the glass plate with a lot of teams would be compatible. The floral patterns, are an integral cheerful one décor. Tableware set up, one scene of the space itself is so critical. In some Asian countries at the table for everyone to use an equivalent set of plates, instead of people coming to class, profession, or the relevance of different plates can be used by area. for example, a person because of garden enthusiasts, putting green plates and napkins next to flowering, a photographer, if the plate for a plate of white and black one napkin can somehow change.

I thought the power to force people down, but the equivalent of a colorful time of the exhibition can be very pleasant, nice decor creates one of this. You may also try. Mönünün theme tableware still be able to offer favorable entresan also creates a decor. for example, Italian food dishes because of the soil, air bistro on the square napkins, pizza because of the large, wooden, round plates, small bowls of food next to China because of the baguettes.

Consider them both rich customization is fun, and your desk will make a difference. Due to our large family table inside a salad bowl, a medium feel hot while the old one split or pilaf and crystal glass tumblers seremonik an atmosphere they create at the dinner. Put flowers on your table, you certainly do not have to put them into vases.

Due to a romantic dinner on top of the hair may cover the petals of flowers, summer days in a napkin at lunch you can keep your dill branches. Dining room to light a very critical issue and one is artful. broken a light meal you cook all this effort by giving a lot of ugly, and they may not be able to prevent the soiled look. This is just like your room, your guests ağarladığınız you to express, is a critical first section.

Lights also supports this format will be made available. Natural light will give you peace in this place, take advantage of as much as possible. artificial lighting the lighting should not be very pretty plate following. A few types to support the desired atmosphere of the lighting can be made more accurate. In this section, as well as a comprehensive array of point illumination of the lighting is preferable.

so that the desktop environment can be evaluated separately. Candlelight, a nice, private, mysterious atmosphere is one of the very very dark, but to remain around that need to obstruct. Front color cover the surface of the light reflected somehow linked to the structure. Semi-indirect lighting can be made more convenient.


From the table candles, candlesticks Keep. You can change your meal, depending on the candlestick.

Add color to your table with a small bouquet also.

Or, lounge in the dining area you moving, you can take a stylish first pavavanla.

Conducive to your enjoyment of a service desk, and avoid eating during the commute to the kitchen, as the table in front of your very busy Work.

To complete your dining pleasure because of your table wine, of napkins, salt-shaker with accessories such as Enrich.

Sunday, 16 May 2010

To change the style of walls

Designers have a whole new playing field experimental studies on the walls and ceiling, while the firms of different solutions that will prevent the surface of the ordinary developing.

Ivy wall decorations, ceramic tree branches and neoclassical drawings, silhouette decals, vinyl printing ... All the walls makes a difference. In recent years, thoroughly shake the throne, began to paint the wall paper, however, feels the power of color and design with enthusiasm. Meltem Kaya doing this for ten years, told to wallpaper the new trends of domesticity.

Fenerbahce opened the first store in 1996 in Dreams, she continues to claim the wallpaper in our day to day. In that year, American-style vinyl wall covering stores paper I remember quite well. Country, especially those patterned ones would prefer the lot. further development of the brand in the years covered by the company, currently PARAT Emiliana, York, Waverly, Gramercy, Arlin, sells a collection of companies such as ATT and Texdecor. There are a lot of dealers in many cities and Adressİstanbul'da opened a brand new one shop.

Your passion does not end the wallpaper ...

I like this job a lot. I do not think I could give up their paper on the wall. Each room has its own color of a main house and this is a comprehensive set of tones. Walls are the first step in creating the environment to live. All rooms offer wall paper, thanks to the inspiration of different places you can turn to.

Wall of tissue paper, given the depth and style to the places we live. Our personal spaces, they can jazz up. Advances in technology also made it easier to apply wallpaper, and more fun to make one. Therefore, my love will never end wallpaper.

Natural materials were also used quite frequently.

Yes, especially focusing on bamboo or textured coating. Amazing wall coverings are being created, many of the natural material. Silk, straw, bamboo materials are used or handmade. The other option is a wall board wall coverings. With the theme of this board or from a photograph or repetitive patterns can be great. Options are endless.

Walls of pearls and feathers. We'll see what the different materials?

Tissue is the most popular trends in wall coverings. Leather, wood, glass, textured, markötri, pearls and feathers of fancy paper, too. Very pretty, especially in wood and leather wall coverings for our customers' favorite. Can not give any of the material wealth of his skin. All rooms in the house because of the wood can be used.

Kitchen and bathroom wallpaper is produced due to special, different first glance, this brings to the space. Metal powders were prepared using the dried leaves of the wall covering is attached botaniksel quite the rage. A new trend in tea leaves. This practice, however, due to the effect of gold and silver metal powder or gold leaf are applied. Glass coating and the last crop that is "glassbeads." America is currently the most popular material. Somehow we offer for sale with stocks in Turkey ...

Pearls and feather caught my attention, is how to use these materials?

2007 home textiles trade fair this year and lucky to be present in some way, we are also a whole new crop of pearl wall coverings. the pearl of truth, sticking occurred quite a lot of flash and labor because of difficulties in a special material. Single-adhesive wall covering the feather of truth kuştüylerinin material occurred very special one.

Are there any new colors?

Color in shades of red, golden tones, green rain forest quite popular. If fashion were also beginning to be blue.

Do you have a suggestion to get the wallpaper?

Do not be afraid of color and pattern. Colors, patterns, textures worn drown your location. Create your dreams in your home with wall coverings. Let them come out of the catalogs you find space in your life!

Ways of incorporating style into your home

Climate change where you live, and may not be as hard as you think to be different. Bedside tables, hallways, tables to make a difference because of your style and are ideal places. Elegant table candles in your living room to hang your mirror and your couch is more like-colored pillows reflect your personality.

Because your home and your hands to show a large and regular. Decorative boxes, storage units to emergency rooms because of the regular show grows.
If you want to add style to your home, listen to our 20 recommendations.

Start with a difficult and laborious work

Windows, walls and carpets in homes due to differences in application will talk to you some of the most simple.


To make your home brighter and better light if you want to buy a coat to your windows. Clean the windows reflect light better note.


Spacious and bright living space to show you because you can paint the walls white or cream color. Wall to hang a large mirror can help you to lose the feeling of spaciousness. If you enjoy the splendor of gold leaf, silver frame with modern reason, a mirror, a frame can not abandon its simplicity.


Remove your old carpet and put new flooring in your location under your rug instead of a first look and try painting. able to view the location on a new and different floor patterns that only an authentic horse rugs and a different identity, you can reach your home.

Can be cleaned with carpet shampoo if your old, worn-out compatible with the color of one of the places on the goods can be covered with rugs. so that a new carpet to get rid, or your brand new rug will be folded into one view.


The color of your sofa using the drop-off locations can cover chic. Pretty tired of your sofa with pillows can revive again. The reason you have to do with it what you want to select the color and fabric bag?

Make your room look

If you live in your home how much the problem, one that has a solution. Problem areas are due to be aware of the practical and stylish alternative.


Add style to your home because you do not need to spend big bucks. Economic accessories, such as artificial flowers, vases or frames can add elegance.

Your dinner table with a special reason to make candles, you can decorate with sea shells and polished stones. Classic porcelain dinnerware and goblets of napkins to accompany an elegant atmosphere with a nice can. When your house is small and your friends can not find places that will fit, do not cover a lot of places will come to your rescue stools and chairs.


The first visible portion of the corridor of his house in terms of the final stage is important. The corridors are narrow in most homes, but still somehow storage space is preferred. How much redundancy if your hallway with all the sheep in different rooms.


If you've squeezed your bedroom with new bed sheets can make your room a whole new beginning. equivalent to a time in bag to provide air may be one hospitable. To create a feeling of spaciousness because the furniture can be painted white or cream color. You can choose light-colored accessories.

Storage units, clothes and shoes in your bedroom, to organize because of the very good solution. Due to use of cosmetic products and make-up box on your desk regularly to keep up with the perfect reason.


Make your bathroom a more pleasant and attractive to him because of the new cast do not have to tear it down completely. You can change the color of floor space with paint or tile in your bathroom is bright and clear colors as you can show wide.


If you want to spruce up your kitchen utensils in standing out of sight around the work can begin. You will never be the cost of this solution.

If you want to make changes to your kitchen and paint your kitchen cabinets, cabinet door handles, you can connect your brand. In addition to this spot for live plants and the weather will change your kitchen.


Doors, window frames and waste water pipes and paint with exterior paint. You'll see the difference.

Fine is in the details

Storage, such as lighting are subject to change due to the atmosphere of your home is very important. slightest touch can bring with it major changes, try.


What mess up all the books on open shelves, CD CDs with one good reason to hold together even if an image can create messy. Therefore compatible with wooden shelves, things to wear a cap can be a good one solution. so your home can become a regular first appearance.

of small objects to be scattered in your room style and beauty of your furniture will prevent the emergence of. To solve this problem, because there's not a good idea to evaluate the field. Storage boxes, Newspaper, shelving and cabinets are gathering in the middle of a mess, your style will also come out ahead.


With a few accessories to place on your mantle an air can create different. Wooden accessories, marble or stone fireplace will add warmth to your. To add to the environment because of the style that you can put candles in place, flat or square. Due to soften the image you can hang the mirror over your fireplace.


Sharp light can disrupt the atmosphere of your room. This is why your room to reflect your style of lighting you should use. If you use your lighting system all switches and adjustable light intensity settings you want, and you'll save.

Do not forget your garden

Make frequent watering and trash to clear all the time. You will have a garden so well maintained. In addition to this type of species to your garden by planting flowers, you can also reach live an appearance.

Decorative glass fashions

Decoration of glass products in the world of fusion area genişliyor.Üfleme all day, in addition to traditional techniques such as the number of stained glass fusion technique gives the glass looks very stylish one. Fusion techniques for design work constitutes the first stage of academic training took place by designers.

Ingenuity of designers want to make to the product you want, you may be able to design according to your own taste. The desired colors and patterns during design fused glass enriched in the final stage of the baking process creates.

workshop designed by the masters so that the patterns are cut to a fund on a glass fusion furnace can be fitted to the knee and is cooked at a temperature of about 820 steps, is ready in 10-15 hours. It was a magical place enriched with a fusion of glass, souvenirs from the plates, mirrors to hours, from sinks to railings, door glass to the wall panels, lighting set-up in the ashtray can be used in many areas.

most people order special price of these products are produced on crop color, pattern, and workmanship depends on the thickness of the glass. In addition to it upon orders made from fused glass panels, glass doors in the prices of such products is done via the square.


Stained glass plate fusion in the phosphorescence of the number 15, while between 150 YTL, fusion square meters of panels will be sold from 750 euros. Fusion is also used in decorative glass ceiling.

All furniture is getting with the curtain

In the decoration of houses with warm air start of the race to the motion brought home textile industry. From carpets to curtains, bed linen from the mattress to incorporate a lot of products for the home textiles market size reached bir.iki billion dollars.

Perdeci with the blinds and folding screen, the color and species richness of carpet he wants to come forward with a large portion of sales in the sector increasing the number of the day is done by decorating stores.

1. volume reaching two billion dollars of home textile industry moved to increase, decorating the beginning of the review and preparation for marriage with the arrival of spring and the motion was won. Within thousands of products that hosts housing textile products, bed room, carpet rugs, curtains, bathroom and lounge seating product somehow between them divided into groups, while sales of the big one part number ever increasing decoration shop performs.

In housing this year, when the curtains opened and closed by remote control, carpets, light colors will change according to the direction of the development. Furniture coverings and blinds, folding screens with fabric to become compatible with the integrity of decoration in houses, right, while the trend in the carpet wool, the people of touch government.

Pitch control

The screen shows the effectiveness of nearly 100 companies in the sector recently, and fold the curtain blinds fabric was introduced should be preferred. Top to bottom, to download, does not occupy space, decorative, Work and favorable prices on the request because the blinds and folding screens, most new-style detached houses and villas built in to see the relevance.

Blinds, curtains made of fabric, depending on the fabric of the square varies between 20-100 YTL. who sold all over the rope curtains blinds curtains are following the sale. used to divide rooms, mostly because of the Japanese screen or somehow increase sales of the systems known to the panel started.

Showing the development of techniques not want to iron curtains, light filtering and demand side factors, such as not taking the curtain open and close automatically in some way, which also houses remote-controlled entry system. Rather than hotels and remote control systems used in hospitals, old curtains can also be installed.

Screen this summer in black and white, red and white, night-blue-black, double-contrast colors such as gold-black comes to the fore. This color is in the single-use, flow, land, turquoise, beige, receive, Saxe and complementary in some way, gray, silver and gold tones will take place.

Young people and those who want to feel each other cheerful dark yellow, orange and the sun are choosing the colors. Not want to use curtains in the house because the market is in decorative labels. Aquarium of the label through the window, such as gardening images can be obtained.

According to the carpet material

Has a volume of 310 million dollars this year in the carpet industry, 50 in color groups from inside the decoration of houses will have to select the appropriate carpet. Pink, purple, burgundy, fuchsia, orange, beige, brown and ecru shades of carpet in the foreground as pistachio green, gray, yellow and black the most considerable space between colors is preferred.

Patterns in the carpet of this year, thanks to technology developed senses when the light changes colors according to the direction of the development, with wool touch, silvery, skin or piece of carpet entry to the market. Üç.4 million tracks were sold last year, the carpet industry, "robot-tufting" system with the desired color, texture, pattern and size can be produced carpets. Materials are produced according to the U.S., curls, wool, acrylic, buwron, as shaggy and fluffy carpets, including a variety of choices on the socio-economic situation in the sector has the greatest impact.

1. two billion dollars

Bir.iki billion dollars in total size bedrooms in the home textile industry by creating products, 39 percent of sales take place in the first place. Bedroom products, while 29 per cent share followed by carpets and rugs, curtains in the third row has 16 percent share.

Hall, seating products, bathroom products, while the share to 8 percent of stays at 6 percent. The remaining 2 percent of these products creates accessories. "Concept Home" stores, offering consumers the option of different crops as large a portion of sales are realized.

AZ of services curtain

AZ of services curtain curtains linens stores with people who want to take is to measure curtains, plant, and installation is done. Linens'in screen industry has to offer this service as well as innovative array of simulation programs also help in the selection screen is available in.

Linens, "Dress Pattern Program" screen with the consumer models, colors and fabrics can be selected from among the virtual environment, makes the curtains. Given the scope of consulting services and color according to the size of the venue selection screen that is told to do.

Dark due to widespread and large patterns are recommended, due to small lot tons of open space and showing little more spacious designs are proposed. Used in large spaces pleated, baggy pleated classic enriched with curtains and accessories to add richness while the more conservative place, fold the smaller model spaces are spacious, stylish and contemporary shows.

Screen due to practical information

And ringed with a curtain cord: longitudinal suppression before curtain, fabric cutting edge is required. Cm in width on the lower edge of the fabric and press have been bent inward 3-5 cm inside the top edge curling later whether suppression is required.

Starting from the right circle after hanging with the equivalent period later, the first ring of a cotton rope or tape should be spent. later be recovered through the suspension at a subsequent public review needs to be continuity. Has been passed from one wire to the ring later the number of rings to the desired length and rope or tape must be stopped. All bands, rings and strap has to be connected with one another. Screen next to the front of the elegant way to connect as a node, it is recommended to be taken or ribbon.

Intra-fiber frame with contrast screen: Curtain and thin fibers of the fiber length were determined later, the curtain fabric larger than 24 cm and 24 cm long cut is required. Where the spread of the fibers, the fabric curtain fabric after it opened on the screen can be with each other the needle needs to be sewn into the fabric fibers.

Then staple the edges except the top edge needs to be bent outward. Fabrics have been planted close to each other later in front of the fiber into the top edge and the tip of a thin curl needs to be upright and sincere. Stitch in place a more upright should be 4 inches above.

Screen crowns: Screen Printing's share has been calculated and measured later, thin fabric or tulle curtains because of the suppression of the crown of the upper and lower edges are ground. Bulkhead, was later a curling iron to within inches wide is recommended. Then one more time involution bir.5 cm wide and must be suppressed. With all the hooks holding the two ends crown of the lower edge is 60-10 cm in width should be suppressed.

Step from the new collection

Step Carpet, 2007 in the collection of vibrant colors, different textures and new patterns in the sand of the sea is a natural process was followed. Collection of all patterns of wave action, and cappuccino, Merlot and Cognac color shows itself. Beaches, earth and sky is the theme of the work in the carpet, lean, elegant, clear and warm colors to stand out.

Italian elegance brings home

Gervasoni, home and garden furniture with cushions, pillows and private due to come to the fore. Gervasoni handmade pillows are used in processing of natural motifs, as well reflecting the number of lines in the Far East has mistizmini.

Designed in Italy, the crop range of food and cutlery knife sets bedding next to an array of home accessories, stylish patterned rug pad with hundreds of harvest takes place. ICA Gervasoni products are sold in Home & Garden stores.

Friday, 14 May 2010

Polishing wood to

Development of the wood, further emphasizing the typical characters, change the color and protection in various ways also exist. One of them is polishing. Thoroughly clean the raw wood before finishing. Dust, glue, resin, dirt and stains with warm water and soap remove the grain. Turpentine salt dissolves stubborn stains. Board

Always brush in the direction of the vessel.


Soap on the wet wood, wood fibers swell. This wooden structure is important for the small damage dengilenmesi.
During the cleaning and wetting sure to moisten all with an equal amount of points. Too much liquid, a sponge and squeeze with your hands by releasing taken. Wood surface and press release.

After soaking the wood to dry thoroughly so do not start working.


After drying of wood are sanded. Matter how thin abrasive surface is so smooth. Scroll to the end step: coarse sandpaper (number 120), medium sand (150 numbers) and fine sandpaper (180 number). Using a sand wedge in hand, try. Timber vessels, always in the direction and by applying light pressure bbir scroll.

Sanding dust carefully with a dry brush to clear. For which you want to polish the end of the wood in contact with your skin should not in any way. Traces of oil stains will remain on board.

Preparation of polish:

You need to polish those are: polishing powder or liquid wax, non-metal brush, sponge, rubber, plastic containers or plastic buckets and clothing as eldivenler.Iş a long rubber apron and rubber boots to measure you should use. In order to polish the polishing liquid is a lot, so empty as possible, keep your work area and the floor covered with newspapers, for example, or tala. In this way, the polishing liquid to flow as a result of the jump or you will avoid problems. Polishing in the open air if possible or try keeping the windows open. Use salt-based non-chrome polish - it waxes and polishes olabilmektedir.Ahşap harmful, depending on your taste in shades of various colors are sold. Can be found in liquid or powder lacquers. Powder finish packing instructions by water soluble is liquid polish is for use hazırdır.Yüksek rate resin containing wood, eg pine, the finish before the necessary resin as a resin, removing the removal must, or resin, wood-sided spots leave. To finish each wood species will react differently. Before it and the results of an experiment to see if you like it.

Driving of the liquid polish:

Do not polish very quickly. Saturated with metal polish with a brush of the crawl, the fluid running immediately. Therefore, a sufficient amount of liquid wax from the above, the following principles hazırlamalısınız.Düşey standing parts are working correctly. Thus, dripping wax, does not create a second floor because it can not immediately established. Polished cutting edge and therefore more likely to absorb more dark matter. Useful information: moisten edges with water beforehand, so you'll get a homogeneous result. Soaking and grinding process is running in case you do if you detect these spots, spots, still wet, clear lacquer. Stains, sand, and on them once a genius, polish sürün.Birbiriyle linked to the surfaces if you work, polishing the same person tarafındanyapılması is advised, because the wax during that everyone own a hand operation that konusudur.Cilayı wood fibers in the direction of creep that the fluid of the board all the pores handler could. Here, too slow and too thin strips of wax not to take note. Within a few minutes, longer than polish, hair with a cloth or a sponge, wood, natural wood tones in the direction of progress as a result of the alın.Cila become intense or dark colors can be opened. To be transparent so the wood is polished to earn their own special characteristics. Polish all wood species except larch results give excellent results. Even in the polished wooden surface ikik geliştirebirsiniz: candlelit mat, and then update, or priming. So that the natural beauty of wood to a shine.

And wax Lubrication:

The polished wooden surfaces, candles or oil if they are protected and they shine. Varieties sold in a transparent and liquid pigmented wax, wax or solid, you can choose from. Teams to use only candles made from natural ingredients. Candles, wood is pale almasınıengellememe features. Soft wax,

a cotton cloth and hair, crawling in the direction of wood fibers. You can also use candles in liquid fırçı. By the time a few times the density of colored wax candle artırabilirsiniz.Tipik brightness, surface after drying with a soft cloth to shine If you stronger. The lasting effects of wax to make the process should be renewed occasionally. Originally was developed for teak teak oil in another timber can also provide protection and shine. Linseed oil with a cloth and then carefully crawl this publication. After drying with sand (240-280)

slightly. Sanding dust thoroughly and repeat the oiling process.

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